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Sales Funnel Design & Implementation

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Digital Marketing Technical Setup & Management

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... and much, much more!

Build Your Internet Business is the Digital Marketing Consulting Division of the highly successful International project management business, Copernicus Consulting Ltd (CCL) .

For more than 50 years, Copernicus provided innovative project and programme management plus marketing services to global companies in systems integration, financial services and telecoms.

Your Principal Consultant & Lead Coach, Nick Stone, has spent much of his rewarding business career traveling the Globe building relationships while managing projects and programmes in the Systems Integration, Financial Services and Telco sectors.

He has dedicated his entire career to helping Clients to get quantifiable business benefit from technology investment working on both the vendor and Customer side of the table..

For the last 10 years, Nick has been applying his 50+ years of leadership & practical experience in technology sales and product development to helping people of all ages & backgrounds to start and build their own Internet Marketing businesses.

… and he’s doing all this while enjoying village life from his home in a small rice farming community in the monyains of northern Thailand … power and internet connections permitting!

Build Your Internet Business (BYIB) has a flexible team of offshore and onshore technical consultants with a wide range of detailed Digital Marketing skills supporting Nick in day to day operations.

Digital Marketing Testimmonials

Otto Reubsamen

Copywiting Champion

"... he's taken the copy that I've written and put it into a usable format so that it goes and it generates the revenue and it generates the leads and it generates the sales ..."

Karen Fisher

Entrepreneur & Public Speaker

"... a couple of things I can tell you about working with Nick is you better be ready to rock and roll, 'cause this guy can move pretty fast..."

Randle Bowling

Partner Tax Auction Investors

"... he's putting together countless successful campaigns for us and I know he would do a hell of a job for anybody else out there that's lucky enough to have him come aboard..."

Eric Ferron

Energiew Quebec

"... even the high-level consultant for Infusionsoft, they told me it was impossible, and you came in and you did it faster than I could have possibly imagined ..."

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